Who exactly is a Sistah Girl?

"She's a college student, a working mom, a single lady, a wife, the favorite Aunt, the best friend, the cool cousin, the introvert, and the extrovert. She's the CEO, the Sunday school teacher, the book nerd, the cool girl, and the Sophistirachet woman who reads books and listens to trap music. A Sistah Girl has no limits, so don't try to put her in a box. I'm The Sistah Girl Next Door and so are you."

-Sharee Hereford

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About the Sistah Girls Academy

The Sistah Girls Academy is a virtual experience designed to educate Black independent authors and writers in the fields of Self Publishing, Legal, Writing, Design, and Social Media Marketing. 

Each class will be two hours long, each instructor will provide a presentation and answer questions that attendees may have. 

Sistah Girls Academy